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Financial FinanceBolso Plus

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After the success of FinanceBolso it comes Plus version of this super Financial Manager. Many new features and with the same simplicity, objectivity and security of the free version.This app is for you who are tired of giving your personal information to strangers and complex applications. The FinanceBolso aims to provide a simple and straightforward interface without using data or user information. The system works offline.
Major changes FinanceBolso Plus:- Date system to program the records of income and expenditure;- Login system to protect your financial data;- Navigation through the months, enabling comparisons and maintaining a historical;- Reworked Layout seeking greater usability;- Search system;- System of categories, user can create multiple categories;- Accounts System, you can create your bills.
Use the FinanceBolso month to manage their accounts. Simple application and objetivo.Totalmente offline offering complete security for your information.
FinanceBolso is a financial control application which, as the name implies, aims to manage the entire flow of money of his life, working as a control of personal finances.
Download and install financial management application FinanceBolso and you have an ideal service to track your daily and month spending.
Let your assessment and suggestions for future application updates.